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E-mail Services

Info Link can provide you with the e-mail services you need to communicate with your employees and the rest of the world. Combine our e-mail services with dial-up internet access, high speed internet access and web page hosting to expand your Internet presence.

E-mail Hosting

$3.00/month per mailbox - Each mailbox includes 20MB of email storage space, access to Info Link Webmail, and FREE Anti-Virus scanning. Spam Control is also available for only $1.49 an e-mail address per month. Businesses with their own domain will also want to take advantage of e-mail hosting using their domain, as described below:

E-mail Hosting with Your Domain

$5.00 a domain per month - Start using your domain name for more than just your web page. For a small additional fee of $5.00 per domain, your Info Link hosted e-mail addresses can be used under your domain name, allowing you to maintain your business identity.

Corporate E-mail Hosting

If your business requires a large number of e-mail addresses, but you don't have the resources to host them yourself, then Info Link's corporate email hosting service willb be perfect for you. You can promote your corporate image and ensure consistency by giving all of your employees and associates email addresses using your company's domain name. With rates starting as low as $2.00 / email address in quantities of 75 or more, your business will be saving money from the start. Contact us today for a customized quote for your particular needs.

Branded Webmail

$20.00 per month - If you are currently supporting multiple email clients, you are working too hard! Don't spend another minute configuring confusing, buggy, and virus-prone clients. Have Info Link implement a branded Webmail solution for your company with your company's logo, colors, and domain.

  • Keep your corporate image -- even while traveling.
  • Any computer with a recent web browser can be used to access your email.
  • No special e-mail settings required for client computers!

Spam Control

Info Link is offering a Spam Control service for $1.49/month. Before any message reaches your inbox, the Spam Control service evaluates it for junk-like content, and gives it a score indicating its probability for being junk email. The service then compares this score with tolerance levels set by your junk filters, and messages exceeding this tolerance are quarantined at your Message Center.

With Info Link's Spam Control service, you can choose how agressive the service filters the spam. We have three different filtering levels for you to choose from when you sign up:

  • Low Filtering: Some spam mail will be filtered, but you still have a chance of getting some spam messages in your Inbox

  • Medium Filtering: Most spam maill will be filtered.

  • High Filtering: If you receive a lot of junk e-mail, high filtering should catch almost all of it. However, with high filtering, you run the risk of actual (not spam) e-mails being marked as spam mail.

After the Spam Control is added to your account, you will have access to more filtering options in your Message Center. The additional options allow you to tailor the Spam Control service to meet your junk email filtering needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about any Info Link service.

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